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In the summer of 1940, 2,937 aircrew took part in an historical battle against the Luftwaffe that was to become the only battle to be fought entirely in the air, this battle has become known as the 'Battle of Britain' , the pilots and aircrew known as 'the Few'. Historians state the Battle of Britain is considered to be as important in Military History as the battles of Waterloo and Trafalgar.

These brave pilots came from all walks of life their average age being 20 years old, they came from many countries to join the fight.  Many were trained and experienced pilots but most had come from ordinary civilian life to become fighter pilots with RAF Fighter Command.  During the Battle which lasted almost four months 544 of them would lose their lives, many were killed in action, aircraft accidents, while others were never to be heard of again, these were officially listed as missing in action.  The Battle of Britain was a prelude to the German invasion of Great Britain, which after just four months had to be abandoned because of the dedication, courage and tenacity of those known as 'the Few', not forgetting the ground crews without them the victory would not have been possible.  All fought the formidable and experienced foe against all odds their ultimate goal was to be successful and win the battle at all costs.

The great victory that they fought for MUST NEVER BE FORGOTTEN
We honour those pilots, and their names appear on this website on our "
Roll of Honour".

Germany planned to make the invasion of Great Britain, to do this the Luftwaffe had to destroy RAF Fighter Command and win control of the skies over the English Channel and beyond before the German invasion forces could make the Channel crossing what was to follow was to become known in history as 'the Battle of Britain'.

As the years have passed we should not lose sight of the fact that the Battle of Britain took place over three quarters of a century ago, those Battle of Britain, men and women of air and ground crews who survived not only the great battle itself but the Second World War have over the years many passed from our midst.

In 2015 fewer than 20 of 'the Few' have survived the years and live in the United Kingdom and various parts of the word. They have been able to see the great changes taking place the world over, the Second World War like the Great War was not the war to end all wars.  Many managed to see the great victory they fought for but at such a young age they often watched as the enemy fell to the power of their guns, they saw man kill man and many of their colleagues which they had known for a short period often left another empty chair at the mess table.  What they have seen post war was the evolution of the fighter aircraft from the 1930’s design, Hurricane and Spitfire to the high technology which goes in the fighter aircraft of today.

Whatever the reasons for arriving at our website, it would be because you have an interest in the Battle of Britain.  We invite you to browse through our website to learn about our aims, our current and future programs.  This is the part that we, as a Society, play in keeping that memory of the Battle of Britain, the pilots, the aircrew and ground crew who participated in the Battle alive.

The Battle of Britain was so important to the future of the world that it must never be forgotten, as you browse through these pages you will be informed how our Society has been achieving this, by looking after the known final resting places of the ‘Few’, honouring them by presenting plaques in their places of education as young men, answering historical matters and much more.

We hope we have presented our aims to you well enough that you consider becoming a member of our Society by completing the application form on our website and receiving a regular ‘Scramble 1940’ 24 page member’s newsletter.   Naturally the majority of our members reside in the United Kingdom; the Society also has members all over the world.  It is the support of all our members worldwide which gives us strength, the contributions which they make ensure the memory of the Battle of Britain is alive and we continue to honour all those who took part.