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Membership - help us to remember them

P/O C.F.Currant DSO, DFC & Bar
605 Squadron

F/L T.F.D.Morgan DSO, DFC & Bar
43 Squadron

F/Lt P.C.Hughes DFC
234 Squadron - Spitfires
Killed September 7th 1940

Sgt M.Wedzik KW & 3 Bars, DFC
302 Squadron

As with any organisation such as The Battle of Britain Historical Society one of the greatest benefitsone can get is satisfaction. The Society is a world wide organisation so it would be very hard for members to meet for functions or outings, withthe exception of those members who are lucky enough to reside in Great Britain, although there are branches in other countries, and it is through this website that members can find others who have the same interest in the Battle of Britain and who live in any country or part of the world.

When we mention satisfaction we mean that all yearly and life member subscription going to general revenue and assist the society in providing plaques that are mentioned elsewhere on this website to schools, colleges and universities the Battle of Britain Pilots attended.

They also provide the materials needed to refurbish and to maintain the upkeep of those final resting places of the 'few' that have been neglected. It is only through subscriptions and contributions by our membership we can achieve our goals.

When you become a member of the Society, you will receive the biannual 24 page full colour newsletter of the Society, "Scramble 1940" which will keep you informed of all current news and happenings regarding the Battle of Britain.

The strength of any organisation is in its membership, and to maintain the aims of the Society and to fulfill our obligations to those that served, we are asking you, become a member of this worthwhile Society, help us to achieve our commitment. To keep installing remembrance plaques in the schools where those aircrew received their education, remembering that each plaque installed will keep the memory of these men alive to children attending these schools. To maintain and keep in a respectable condition those graves of our fallen comrades in churchyards all over Great Britain, many of them thousands of miles away from their native homeland. To find as many graves as we can that have fallen into disrepair or have been damaged in any way and rebuild them and give them the respect that they deserve. To be able to assist the families of those that gave their lives in the Battle of Britain that have fallen on hardship and to be able to give them whatever assistance that we can.

Your membership subscription will greatly assist the Society in achieving these aims, and you will receive that satisfaction that in some small way, you helped an airman far away. Many of our members have offered to adopt an airman's grave, so if you feel that you can make a commitment to do this, you will be greatly assisting the Society. When you do this, the Society will furnish all the details of that airman to you, who he was, where he came from, his record of service, in fact all there is to know about the airman that you have taken into your care.

By becoming a member of the Battle of Britain Historical Society you are playing your part in helping to remember them. We hope that you have the heart to help preserve the memory of "The Few".

If you would like to apply for membership or make a donation to the Society, click here: